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DR. Jeffrey Standifer

Dr. Jeffrey S. Standifer is the primary physician and owner of Standifer Chiropractic Clinic in a beautiful area of Dallas, Texas. Since 2001, his practice has thrived on a solid foundation of healing the mind, body and spirit. 

Recognized for prompt service and professional care, Dr. Standifer ensures that every patient understands how chiropractic care can deliver overall improvements to their well-being. 

Dr. Standifer is a natural intellectual and high achiever. In school, he excelled at sports as well as academics, earning numerous honors and a full scholarship to medical school. After much prayer and soul searching, he declined the medical school scholarship and chose to put himself through Chiropractic College. He had recognized his true calling to heal others with his hands. As “chiro” means hand and “practor” means to do= to do with hands (healing with the hands). 

At Midland College and Texas Tech University, Dr. Standifer did undergraduate work, and eventually transferred to Parker College of Chiropractics in Dallas, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Science of Anatomy and a Doctorate of Chiropractics degree. Dr. Standifer, a native Texan and Dallas resident, is always willing to help out in his community. In 2004, he created the Trinity Housing Community to raise money for local community service programs.  Dr. Standifer in 2020, also started the nonprofit Women's Safe-Haven Refuge. After seeing over 10,000 patients in a 15 year span, Dr. Standifer decided to semi-retire in 2016 and have more time to do his philanthropic endeavors. 

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