Dr. Standifer has the best bed side manners I ever witnessed as a patient. I will be a patient for life!  - Stacy G.

By far, Dr. Standifer has the nicest and cleanest chiropractic office I have ever been in. I been to several chiropractors, but none have compared to this miracle healer.  - Wanda R.

I would refer all my family and friends to Standifer Chiropractic. Dr. Standifer has taught me so much about my body and health issues.  - Terry P.

I used to play basketball and would have nagging back pain all the time until I met Dr. Standifer. My vertical has increased and I have no more pain in my lowback.  - Sam P. I thought I was going to have to live with carpal tunnel the rest of my life. Dr. standifer used several treatment even lasers to help me recover. I can sleep all night now and not have to wake up with numbness or tingling any more. Dr. Standifer saved me from having to go to surgery. I truly love Dr. Standifer and everything he has done for me.  - H. Cooper.

I highly recommend Dr. Standifer to anyone who is suffering and needs help with any medical problems. Even though, Dr. Standifer is a chiropractor I go to him when I am sick, ear infections, headaches, sinus problems, etc. He has helped me with them all. I couldn't even imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't of met Dr. Standifer and nor do I want to think about it either.  - Toney J.

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